Book One

Harry Cocque: That's Reet Boy!

“The funniest thing to come out of Dorset since the Black Death”

Taking us back to an England that has all but disappeared, Harry Cocque: That’s Reet Boy! reminds us of the days of harvest festivals, horrendous accidents, thieving tinkers, steam fairs, barn dances, bizarre traditions, shooting parties, country weddings and heavy drinking. The days when nearly everyone had some strange character trait, health & safety laws were but a distant dream and all those who lived outside the immediate area were viewed with a certain amount of suspicion…

With some of the funniest mishaps and outrageous double entendres to come out of Dorset, this book may well make you laugh out loud and will probably make you wish you’d been there to see it for yourself… at a safe distance.

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The First Carnival

A Harvest to Forget

School Days